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Wow, What a year. I love my job. Not only has my work ended up on the front page of the newspaper and up in lights on a billboard, but I’ve also had the privilege of taking over 200 photos of one of the most notable people in recent American history. As 2009 is winding down to the final months, and I think of all these amazing photos I’ve been privileged to capture and all the wonderful people I’ve worked with, I’ve decided to update this site to include some of those wonderful images to share with you. From Senator McCain to Goldfield Ghost Town, check back often for my visual feast of the year. As always, I strive to record the most authentic version of the subjects I photograph and I enjoy all the smiles and beautiful faces that I see through my lens. They truly are gifts from God and all my gratitude goes to Him.

Prosperous Wishes,

Sherrie Courtney, Fine Art Photographer


~ by plumb line on November 12, 2008.

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